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Habitat For All

Small Actions Lead to Big Change

 Mahoosuc Land Trust believes that all conservation efforts, no matter how small can have big results. Small actions taken today can lead to greater awareness and commitment in the future to a broad range of conservation efforts. 

Our Habitat For All initiative invites everyone to reimagine our outdoor spaces as space with more. More biodiversity. More habitats. More wildlife. More sanctuary. More people engaged with nature.


  • Creating a special place that provides a sanctuary for butterflies, bumblebees, birds and you. 

  • Growing some of your own food.  The fruits and vegetables will be healthier and in the process of growing you will be closer to nature, closer to the rhythm of the seasons, growing plants and observing pollinators.

  • Providing a space for children  to grow comfortable being in nature, a place where they can imagine, play, and learn how to protect and nuture plants and wildlife.  

Why is Mahoosuc Land Trust involved in backyards?

Habitat For All is an educational initiative that seeks to broaden public engagement in conservation by thinking differently about the role and value of individual actions.    By acknowledging and celebrating these actions, land conservation becomes more democratic, allowing more people to feel that they, too, are conservationists.

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