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Shelburne Riverlands Project

a rare opportunity to forever protect an undeveloped and scenic landscape

The Mahoosuc Land Trust and The Conservation Fund are pleased to announce the completion of the Shelburne Riverlands Project, an effort to conserve 880 acres of significant riverfront and wildlife habitat along the Androscoggin River in Shelburne, NH.

The Riverlands includes over 30 islands and 9 mainland parcels located along an 8.7-mile stretch of the Androscoggin River. The wild and scenic nature of these islands and mainland parcels is what makes this section so beloved by paddlers and anglers. Drifting down the river is a quiet experience and this project protects the places people love to explore. This project includes some of the most significant shoreline protection along the Androscoggin River in NH.

Map of Shelburne Riverlands Project

Shelburne Riverlands Conservation Land Acquired

Shelburne Riverlands Project awarded $200,000 grant from the Randolph Area Conservation Opportunity Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Shelburne Riverlands Project awarded $125,000 from New Hampshire’s Land and Community Heritage Investment Program.

Shelburne Riverlands Project awarded $761,668 from NH Department of Environmental Services Aquatic Resource Mitigation Program

““I have lived in Shelburne for 58 years and I treasure the beauty of the Androscoggin Valley. The Riverlands project ensures that future generations can experience the same river that I have known.”

— Stan Judge, Shelburne Conservation Commission, Shelburne Select Board


Shelburne Riverlands Highlights:

  • includes 14 miles of river shoreline and 4 miles of stream shoreline

  • 53% of the project area is rated Highest Ranked Habitat in NH Wildlife Action Plan

  • a Class B river with rapids, riffles and flat-water enjoyed by paddlers

  • mainland forest parcels provide future opportunities for quiet trails and winter cross-country ski routes.

  • this stretch of the river is considered a premier rainbow and brown trout fishery by anglers

  • links thousands of acres of forest in the Carter-Moriah and Mahoosuc Mountain ranges

Shelburne Riverlands Highlights Report

Enjoy these two videos and experience the beauty and wildness of the Shelburne Riverlands.

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