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Mountain Biking

The best mountain biking on MLT conserved lands is at the The Bacon Hill mountain bike trail system, built and maintained by MLT’s conservation partner, Inland Woods + Trails. The trails are described as fun and flowing.
Located in Albany Township, six miles south of Bethel Village, the trails are free and open to the public based on the generosity of private landowners, Mary McFadden and Larry Stifler, who in 2021 granted a conservation easement to MLT on 12,300 acres in 4 towns. 

The Crooked River Headwaters easement includes over seventy miles of hiking and mountain biking trails; several mountains, ponds, rivers and streams, a world-class fly fishing site, a historic mine, and the headwaters for filtering clean drinking water for 1 in 6 Maine residents and the city of Portland.
Little Bacon Hill, an intermediate-level loop, is just under two miles. The multi-feature trail offers an opportunity for riders to develop their skills. Little Bacon Hill is a one-way trail ridden clockwise.
The Big Bacon Hill loop, which leaves from the Playground, meets up with a woods road, then loops back to the Little Bacon Hill trail. Big Bacon Hill may be ridden in either direction.
Be aware of Land Use Guidelines and follow the Mahoosuc Way when recreating on these trails.

Help Maintain These Trails!

If mountain biking is something you love to do in the spring, summer, and fall, consider maintaining this trail network you love to bike on! 

Contact Inland Woods + Trails to help with these trails, and become a part of MLT’s volunteer group and join it in its trail maintenance days scheduled throughout the year. 


Northern Retreat

The Stiflers are creators of what they call “Northern Retreat.” 

This retreat is a parcel of land encompassing over twelve thousand acres that the Stiflers put in a conservation easement with Mahoosuc Land Trust.


This land provides for the land trust's main mountain biking trails.


Without the Stiflers generosity, this trail network would shrink remarkably. 

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