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Land Use Guidelines

Part of having access to conserved land, and recreating on it means respecting it. Follow the general guidelines below, and familiarize yourself with land etiquette before you head out on your adventure.

  • Parking

    • Trails have dedicated parking lots. 

    • If you find the lot is full be prepared with a "Plan B" activity and go to a different trail head.

    • Be mindful of no parking signs, and take them seriously. 

  • Trail etiquette

    • Be mindful of other people on the trail, and the many reasons on may be enjoying an experience outdoors.​

    • Listen to your phone or speakers through headphones

    • Announce yourself clearly when coming up behind someone

    • Be mindful of right-of-ways on multi-use trails

  • Garbage cans

    • Follow the tenets of Leave No Trace​

    • Carry-out what you carry-in, and come prepared with trash cans to collect your garbage, and any you see along the way.

    • Many trail heads and boat launches are equipped with trash cans. If you don't see any, you are responsible of taking your trash with you and disposing of it properly.

  • Hunting

    • Some conserved land is accessible to hunters​

    • Be prepared by knowing which hunting season it is

    • Wear brightly colored, orange clothing when possible

  • Bathrooms

    • Follow the tenets of Leave No Trace when it comes to disposing of waste.​

    • Only a few trail heads have public bathrooms.

    • Carry bio-degradable toilet paper with you

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