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Join MLT

By becoming a supporter of MLT, you are joining a growing cohort of concerned citizens donating their time, talent, and treasure in support of ensuring a livable planet for all.


Join or Renew

Your annual support automatically makes you an MLT member and supports our operational costs which allows us to: 
  • Ensure the permanent protection of thousands of acres of land and care for the 25,000 acres already preserved. 
  • Safeguard biodiversity by preserving habitats and wildlife corridors to support healthy ecosystems. 
  • Expand and maintain Habitat For All Garden
  • Provide access to over 80 miles of trails to connect more people to nature. 
  • Mitigate climate change through forest conservation that is essential in sequestering carbon.
  • Provide educational and recreational programs accessible to all.
  • Empower the next generation of conservationists. 


Join the Summit Society

Become a part of the Summit Society by generously donating $1000 or more annually to the Mahoosuc Land Trust. Your contribution ensures stable income for our organization and propels our vital mission to conserve the landscapes and habitats that are dear to your heart and essential for healthy ecosystems. As a Summit Member, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits each year, including special event invites, regular communications from our dedicated staff and Board, and much more. Join us today and make a lasting impact on the environment you love.

Become a business Partner

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Meaningful community engagement through conservation shows your values as an MLT business partner. Your support symbolizes your commitment to providing our region with barrier-free access to open spaces to recreate and connect with nature. Add your company’s name and join the hundreds of people already supporting conservation in the Mahoosuc Region. 

Newsletter Archive

Every person who donates to Mahoosuc Land Trust gains access to its quarterly newsletter. These newsletters provide credible information on conservation, gardening, and climate mitigation; as well as heartfelt articles from staff and volunteers whose writing will keep you entertained and informed. Each contributor brings their own passion and expertise to the quarterly, and you’ll look forward to each newsletter arriving in your inbox.
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