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Habitat For All
Educational Initiative

HFA Garden

The Change We Need Begins at home

MLT has built a program to inspire everyone to be a conservationist. Our program, called HFA, broadens public engagement in conservation by creating opportunities for everyone to take action, even at very small scales. We focus on places like backyards, gardens, and schoolyards because these are the places where many of us have our first experiences with the natural world. If these first experiences lead to caring about wild creatures like birds and pollinators, we believe this will then lead to caring about the places land trusts seek to conserve, places vital to the survival of those wild creatures.
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Our Programs

The Garden: The centerpiece of the Habitat For All Program is the 1/4-acre Habitat Garden at Valentine Farm. This large, intensively-planted garden demonstrates how to build backyard features that can kindle a life-long interest in ecological gardening while creating special places for adults and kids. 

Webinars: Throughout the winter season, a variety of experts and enthusiasts share their talents and passions for the natural world.

Walks & Outings: Seasonal bird walks and outings to explore vernal pools, geology, wildflowers and more are regularly on the schedule.

Special Events: Free community events like the Monarch and Winter Festivals, Big Backyard Days, and Sundays in the Garden give hands-on experiences for learning and exploration.

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