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The Black and White Glades are a collection of 13 named ski glades within the Rumford Whitecap Mountain Preserve that allow skier access to 3 distinct backcountry zones.. 


Backcountry Skiing

The Black and White Glades were created in partnership with Mahoosuc Land Trust, Granite Backcountry Alliance and Black Mountain of Maine. The glades exist on land conserved by MLT, primarily within the Rumford Whitecap Mountain Preserve and adjacent private lands. This preserve is a 751-acre undeveloped tract on Rumford Whitecap Mountain. The creation of the glades has been a 5 year process and we now consider the original plan complete
Rumford Whitecap has a summit elevation of 2,214 feet, with natural snowfields, 360 degree views, as well as access to the Black Mountain of Maine Ski Area.

Black Mountain of Maine partnered with Granite Backcountry Alliance to provide access to our glades. Ski area ticket holders can skin an uphill only trail to access the Black and White glades from Black Mountain.

Please note that Black Mountain of Maine has an uphill policy that you must abide by if you start from the ski area.

Help maintain B & W Glades

Become a part of MLT’s volunteer group and join our glade maintenance days scheduled in the fall. Click to learn more.

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