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Criteria for Land Donations

Mahoosuc Land Trust works to conserve lands and projects which:

  • support abundant biodiversity and provide critical connectivity for species to move across the landscape as the climate and environment change.

  • abut other conserved or public lands to promote landscape-scale ecological and recreational benefits.

  • are uniquely suited for permanent conservation as “Forever Wild,” to be kept free from human manipulation and disturbance.

  • support rare or imperiled natural communities, significant bird and wildlife habitat, or rare, endangered, or threatened species.

  • are suited to protect the water quality of important watersheds, aquifers, and wetlands.

  • can mitigate climate change meaningfully by sequestering or storing carbon or providing other important ecosystem services.

  • can convert degraded landscapes, through restoration or enhancement, into valuable habitat or contribute to other ecologically important goals.

  • have community interest and support as important, iconic, scenic, “special places,” or are likely to engage our communities through education, recreation, or other experiences that deepen connection to and support for the natural world.

  • have important trail or low-impact recreation uses or potential to provide this, while supporting other conservation values.

  • support “working landscapes” that contribute to local economies and quality of life, including working farms and working forests, while supporting other conservation values.

    If you would like to discuss a possible land or easement donation, please contact

    Kirk Siegel, Executive Director.