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Nature is as Close
as Your Backyard

HFA Garden

Small Actions Lead
to Big Changes

And you can help make them with
Mahoosuc Land Trust’s “Habitat For All” initiative. 


The heart of Habitat For All is a belief that by reimagining backyards, we can help reverse the declines in bird and insect populations while improving our mental and physical health. Together, we can make the most of our our backyards, schoolyards, porches, and every scrap of land to provide sanctuary for wildlife and humans.
Visit the Habitat For All Garden in Bethel, Maine, pour through the images and resources found on these pages, ask questions, and get involved.
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Imagine a backyard that is your
go-to space

Amazing things happen when you plant something.
This simple action can:

diversify the wildlife you see regularly,

re-establish your connection to food,
improve your mental health,

connect you to nature,

and bring you hours of pleasure and play.

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You are the key to our success

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