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There are a variety of ways you can share your skills, experience and passion at Mahoosuc Land Trust.  Interested in learning more or signing up?  Please fill out the email form below or call the office:  207-824-3806

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When MLT accepts a new property, we agree to steward the property for perpetuity.  There are many facets to stewardship and lots of places where volunteers can jump in and make a difference!

MLT Preserve Partners - Our volunteer stewards oversee the maintenance and stewardship on our nearly 2,700 acres of forestland with recreatinal trails, open fields, river islands and four Androscoggin River boat launches. Our new Preserve Partners can help in monitoring our trailheads, hiking trails and our boat launches on their own schedules when it is convenient. Our “Partners” will provide for more frequesnt on-site visits and help with light maintenance and improvements to the sites under the guidance of the property’s MLT Steward. You might also join other “Partners” in group work days at a preserve or boat launch to do trail maintenance work or other repairs. If you are interested in becoming a “Preserve Partner”, please contact the office or 207-824-3806.

We are recruiting Preserve Partners or the following MLT properties:

Step Falls Preserve

Step Falls offers something for everyone.

Step Falls offers something for everyone.

This small 24-acre preserve in Newry, on Route 26, receives hundreds of visitors a week during the summer and fall seasons. The 1.1 mile hiking trail follows the Wight Brook along a series of bowls and cascades with popular swimming holes. During the summer season, MLT volunteers greet visitors in the parking lot on weekends and holidays in 3-hour shifts.

Rumford Whitecap Mountain & Ellis River Conservation Area

Picking wild blueberries is a popular activity on Whitecap

Picking wild blueberries is a popular activity on Whitecap

The 1,120 acres of mountain forest and Ellis River frontage in Rumford encompasses three separate preserves and includes the summit of Rumford Whitecap Mountain and miles of popular hiking trails.

Valentine Farm Conservation Center

A trail for everyone

A trail for everyone

This 147-acre preserve in Bethe is home to MLT’s office and has a 1.2 mile universally accessible trail along the Androscoggin River, open fields with wild blueberries, and is our base to host other learning and outreach events.

Intervale Gateway

One of our new interpretive signs

One of our new interpretive signs

Our 18-acre preserve on Route 26 in Bethel protects the scenic entry into Bethel Village and provides great views of the Mahoosuc Mountain Range to the northwest. It also offers an eastern extension of the popular Bethel Pathway.

View from the top

View from the top

Glassface Mountain Conservation Area

The 32-acre preserve in Rumford Center includes the 1.6 mile round-trip Glassface Ledges Trail that ends with spectacular views of the Androscoggin River valley. Trailhead parking is at the adjacent Hasting Landing Boat Launch.

Stewart Family Preserve - Puzzle Mountain

Look at the view!

Look at the view!

The three Puzzle Mountain summits lie within the 486-acre preserve which includes the Grafton Loop Trail (GLT), part of the Appalachian Trail, as well as the Stewart Family Preserve. MLT has partnered with the Maine Appalachian Trail Club to maintain the GLT and with Mahoosuc Pathways to maintain the 1.4-mile Woodsum Spur Trail. MLT owns and maintains the large parking lot at the trailhead.

McCoy-Chapman Forest

Chapman Brook

Chapman Brook

The 492-acre forest tract with extensive Androscoggin River frontage was acquired by MLT in 2018. A management plan for the property is underway and additional volunteers are needed to meet the goals of the new plan which include hiking and cross-country ski trails.


Gilead Boat Launch

This very popular launch has a large parking lot and a concrete ramp to the river.

Newt’s Landing

The .3-acre boat launch in Bethel is just off Route 2 on Ferry Road. The large, gravel parking lot leads to a timber-step ramp to the river.

Morans Landing

Located in Hanover, the 4.5 acre boat launch has a gravel road leading to a large parking lot. The launch site uses rip-rap and concrete pads down to the river and allows trailer launching.

Hastings Landing

This boat launch, located on Route 2 in Rumford Center shares a parking lot with the MLT Glassface Mountain Trail. The site has a timber-step stair walkway for launching canoes and kayaks.

Valentine Farm Pollinator Garden


Over 1200 perennials are being planted to create a show stopper pollinator garden!  In addition to increasing the biodiversity of the Farm, the garden will provide a colorful, alive space for bird watching, nature study, photography, painting and much more.  We are always in need of:

Gardeners - Planting will take place in late spring and early summer. For the first couple of years, weeding and watering will also need to happen on a regular basis.

Educators/Workshop Leaders - Do you have a talent or expertise that you are willing to share?

Citizen Scientists - One role of the garden is to collect data to contribute to global monitoring and understanding of insects and birds. If you have 10-15 minutes of time available weekly and enjoy contributing to a better understanding of the natural world, this project may be for you.

bird watching/monitoring program

The popularity of bird watching is soaring with about 50 million Americans attending a bird watching event each year. In addition to being an interesting hobby, bird watching is an easily accessible way to explore the natural world.

Join a growing group of enthusiastic birders (from beginner to expert) as we develop Valentine Farm as a “birding hotspot”. Join or lead walks, help develop a youth birding program, organize field trips or enter data into a global system that helps scientists track populations of birds from around the world.

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We are always looking for people to expand the reach of Mahoosuc Land Trust. Call the office at 207-824-3806 if you want to talk about possibilities or fill out the form below.

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