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Growing Vegetables

Why are vegetables part of the Habitat For All Garden?

According to the National Gardening Association, 35% of U.S. households, or 42 million households total, grew vegetables, fruits, and other foods in 2021. 
Growing your own food:
Is surprisingly satisfying  
There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you say, "I grew this salad".
Is powerful
You learn life skills, gain confidence, become a bit self-sufficient.
Creates connections
You can share harvests, swap seeds, help other gardeners, donate excess to others.
Puts you in control
You decide what materials are used in the garden and when vegetables and fruits are picked.
Develops an awareness of the natural world
Growing vegetables requires close observation of insects, soil conditions, seasonal changes, and how they
are all interconnected.

HFA vegetable garden.jpg

Welcome to the HFA Vegetable Garden

Savoring the crisp snap of a pea or the juice of a ripe tomato is one of life's most delicious experiences. The vegetable garden at Valentine Farm aspires to become the go-to place for new and experienced gardeners.  There, you will discover new ways to grow vegetables, learn about different varieties of fruits and vegetables and see for yourself how much can be grown in a limited space.  Demonstrations, workshops, and lots of garden talk will occur regularly.  Want to garden, but don't have a space to call your own? Join us! We are looking for people of all skill levels who want to be part of this exciting experiment.

In 2023 there were:

6 - 8' x 4' raised beds = 192 ft sq

1 - 10' x 4' raised bed = 40 ft sq.

Total vegetable growing space:

232 ft2


The raised beds are filled with  Benson's Farm 50/50 compost/soil mix. This mix is available at landscape and garden centers. 


Three highbush blueberries - One each of Patriot, Nelson, Blue Ray.  This mix will give us blueberries in early July through most of August.


Blueberry growing space:

60 ft sq



300 ft sq


This garden is a  good size for the intermediate gardener with limited free time. It will yield adequate fresh produce for one to four people throughout spring, summer, and fall. An hour or two of work a week will be sufficient.

What will be new in 2024:

11 - 8' x 4' raised beds = 352 ft sq

1 - 22' x 4' raised bed = 88 ft sq

1 - 36' x 2' raised bed = 72 ft sq

Total vegetable growing space:

512 ft sq

3 highbush blueberries

4 grow bags

The garden will utilize vertical space for dry beans, cantaloupe, and winter squash.  The tomatoes will be on trellises.

Season extending techniques like row covers and cold frames will be on display.

Blueberry growing space:

60 ft sq



572 ft sq

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