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Glade skiing



What is a GLADE?

A glade, as defined in the dictionary is an open space surrounded by trees. To skiers, a glade is a forested area with enough space between trees to safely ski down.

MLT and Granite Backcountry Alliance have a unique partnership that allows for the strict creation of ski glades at Rumford White Cap Mtn Preserve.

A glade is NOT cutting all trees down to make a ski line. The glades we create only take new growth 3” diameter or smaller, and old growth trees are left.

Our practices for cutting glades were developed by The White Mtn National Forest and are strictly followed and enforced. Below are a few pics for those who haven't seen the beauty our Black & White Glades. Let the photos show how tight the trees actually are.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to share this beautiful preserve with skiers all over Western Maine and beyond, and our first and foremost goal, like most things MLT is to EDUCATE our community. We thank you for your support, curioustiy, and sense of adventure.



If you have done trail work or skied at Black&WhiteGlades at Rumford Whitecap you know what an incredible backcountry destination they are. Mahoosuc Land Trust and Granite Backcountry Alliance are the partner organizations that make this all possible. Please consider one donation below that will make you a member of both organizations.  The funds will be used to maintain the Black&White glades at Rumford Whitecap. The resources that go into maintaining backcountry ski glades exist only because of your willingness to donate. We thank you!


Your  financial support makes backcountry skiing a reality.

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