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Habitat For All Garden

Mahoosuc Land Trust's Habitat For All program believes that all conservation efforts can have big results, no matter how small. The signature element of Habitat For All is the 10,000 ft2 one-of-a-kind garden at Valentine Farm. There, ideas and demonstrations abound to help you create meaningful nearby nature habitats for pollinators, butterflies, birds, … and people. Conservation right in our backyards!


Become Part of the Garden Team

We always need gardeners, for the season and for specific projects.  But, we also need creative thinkers, people willing to share their expertise, painters, artists, plant enthusiasts, photographers, writers, financial supporters and much more.  

The Four Garden Elements

HFA Garden Plan 2023.jpg


Studies have shown that spending time in nature, especially in nearby nature, can relieve loneliness, rumination, and improve our mental wellbeing. Enjoy the Habitat For All Garden wil plants and butterflies, hearing birdsong, or harvesting food to improve your day!

Habitat For Wildlife

Successful wildlife gardens are made of tangly shrubs for birds, damaged leaves, and spots for creatures to drink, bathe and raise their young. 

The Habitat For All Garden has a space and place for wild things to thrive.

Exploration and Discovery

Interacting with nature is a critical first step toward building empathy for the natural world. It's also an antidote to indoor tech-infused play. The Garden provides a space for children to play outside, which encourages exploration and creativity.

Reconnecting to Food

Growing food is incredibly powerful. It will change you. A feeling of self-sufficiency will emerge as you develop the skills needed to grow healthy and productive plants.  As your skills deepen, you will see how the success of your harvest depends on the success of soil organisms, pollinators, butterflies, and birds.

Habitat For All Garden renovations

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