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Join us at 6 PM at Valentine Farm on August 3rd for Sustain-a-Bowl, an unforgettable evening celebrating art and conservation featuring Woody’s extraordinary pottery. Over the past months, he’s been throwing a lot of salad bowls (and some vases too), and is donating all of them for this special fundraising event.


Purchase a handmade salad bowl crafted by Woody, and we’ll fill it with delicious gazpacho, salads, and local bread and share a meal under the big tent. Bowls start at $100 and are available below. Some bowls may be available for purchase on the day of the event, but pre-purchasing your bowl will guarantee your registration. To view bowls in person ahead of the event, email Barbra Barrett. Bowls may not be returned or exchanged. All proceeds will benefit Mahoosuc Land Trust.

For renowned potter Woody Hughes, ceramics is more than throwing pots, it’s a visual narrative spanning five decades. Woody's work tells the story of a lifetime of creativity and unique vision. His journey began as a student of the esteemed Jim Owen at Gould Academy where he first realized that he could be good at something. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Alfred University, Woody traveled the globe teaching workshops and serving as a professor. Later, he returned to Bethel and Gould Academy where he inspired new generations of artists as a ceramics instructor. Woody is still throwing from his home studio—his work can be seen (and purchased) at The Gemini Café in Bethel. 

Sustain-a-Bowl is a perfect blend of art, community, and environmental stewardship. Woody Hughes' commitment to giving back to the community serves as an inspiration to us all. By participating in Sustain-a-Bowl, you are supporting a local artist and contributing to the preservation of our natural landscapes for future generations. Join us in celebrating regional conservation and Woody's legacy. Together, we can make a difference, one bowl at a time.

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