Get Involved

Become a Volunteer

When asked what was so satisfying about being an MLT volunteer, here are quotes from several volunteers:
“It makes me feel that my life is making a difference.”

“It is knowing that my efforts, no matter how small, are helping MLT preserve special places entrusted to them for the future.”

“It is the joy of being with people who share a common interest.”

How Can I Help?

Become a Steward

Mahoosuc Land Trust Stewards are volunteers who want to get to know a particular MLT property better. As a steward, you would walk the property at least once a year to ensure that it remains in good condition. You would take photographs and complete a Monitoring Report Form. Stewards may also work with others on their team to organize and participate in trail construction and maintenance on the property.



Create/Maintain Trails

The Trust periodically needs help blazing trails or clearing brush. This is a great way to get some exercise outdoors . No experience is needed, plus dogs and kids are usually welcome.

Lead a Walk

If you enjoy sharing your knowledge or expertise about nature with others, consider leading a walk on one of the MLT properties. Whether your interest is birds, plants, animal tracks, photography, “reading the forest,” or just admiring a particular place, leading a walk is a great way to contribute to the work of the Trust.

Help Plan an Event

Do you have a marketing or public relations background? Are you experienced at fund raising? Do you enjoy throwing a great party or helping to plan one? If so, you would enjoy working with the Outreach Committee for MLT. This committee is made up of some dynamic and friendly people who would welcome you to their ranks.


Several times a year we get together to fold letters, stuff envelopes, and mail the MLT newsletters. Of course we have snacks and laughter, too!

Office Help

With only two staff members there are plenty of opportunities for volunteers to help in the office. We can use help with organizing photos and newspaper articles, tabulating volunteer hours, and even the mundane tasks of vacuuming, watering plants, taking cardboard to the recycle center, shredding paper, shoveling the sidewalk, weeding the garden, mowing grass, etc.


Join the Board

 If you are interested in playing an advisory or leadership role in the trust, consider serving on the Board of Directors. Please contact for information on joining the board.

No matter what your talent is, your work can help the Mahoosuc Land Trust preserve special places.


“You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone.”