• Our mission: To protect and conserve land and traditional land uses...

  • including farming...

  • forestry...

  • recreation...

  • significant habitats...

  • scenery...

  • and water resources...

  • for the benefit of the public.

Latest News:


  You can help conserve an amazing place from Ellis River to Whitecap

When land is chopped up, and developed in a haphazard way, wildlife loses, our local economy loses, and often the farmers do too. We need to balance develop with the conservation of our community’s farms, forests and the vital connection to water.

Now, thanks to hundreds of people, the conservation purchase of a critical parcel, formerly known as the deFrees farm, containing important wildlife habitat--along with the protection of an adjacent beautiful and critical farm--is almost complete.

The land includes over two miles of frontage on the meandering Ellis River, then rising from the river valley up the slopes of Whitecap Mountain and abutting the 750 acre Rumford Whitecap Mountain Preserve.

The project will conserve the trail head and an important section of the trail to the summit of Whitecap Mountain, provide public access to the Ellis River, and create the opportunity for an expanded loop trail which will link the trail to the summit with an existing trail along the river.

The protection of the adjacent farm, generously being conserved by Jon Starr and Brie Weisman, connects the lands together—and will create an extraordinary conservation landscape to help conserve clean water, local agriculture, and the habitat of the River.

We need your help: We can’t do this without you. This amazing conservation project of over 400 acres (the farm and the wildlife conservation area purchase), is almost ready to go: we only need the last $16,000 from people like you. Please donate as generously as you can before the end of August. The farm, the forest, and the River depend on it.   


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  • Our Vision:

    • Unspoiled scenic views
    • A clean and accessible Androscoggin River
    • Pedestrian-friendly communities
    • Protected wildlife habitats
    • Outdoor recreation
    • Preservation of plant diversity
    • Promotion of working farms
    • Productive and sustainable forests
    • Education for an environmentally aware public